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Trailers for the storage shed and gazebo industry.

Shed Moving Service

Need your storage shed moved from one location to another. We have the equipment to do the job up to a 12x16 high side building. We service Pennsylvania and other nearby areas.

  • Rates starting at $ 175.00 for local moves.
  • Mileage varies according to building size. Minimum of $1.75 per loaded mile.
  • Hourly rates over 1 hr for loading or unloading : $ 40.00 per hour.
  • Must have exact measurements of width, length, and height of building .
  • Building must be empty and accessible with pickup truck and trailer.
  • Not responsible for lawn damage etc

    Not responsible for damage to building during normal moving process

Shed on truck

10' x 16' Cottage

Shed moving service

12' x 16' High Wall Shed

We can move sheds up to 12' x 16'.

Last updated October , 2011